Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatment (Anti Obesity)

Obesity is a great concern of modern times which negatively affects the productivity of the individuals and inturn the society.

According to Ayurveda the main cause for Obesity is Sedentary life styles coupled with high intake of high calorie food like pizzas, burgers etc. of oily foods and sweets which leads to the imbalance of Functional principle (Kapha) which inturn causes and excess production and accumulation of structural principle (DATHU) of MEDAS (Fat) bypassing the nourishment of other basic structural principals (DATHUS) leading to the under nourishment of those structural principals leading to specific health problems caused due to the under nourishment of these structural principles like low immunity making the body vulnerable to all infections, imbalance in the hormonal axis leading to menstrual disturbances, loss of libido, week joints etc. and also conditions arising from over accumulation of the structural principle of MEDAS (Fat) like ischemic heart diseases, diabetes etc.

Treatment for Obesity at Vydehi Ayurveda

Ayurveda addresses the condition comprehensively and we at Vydehi Ayurveda does specific custom made treatments for weight reduction which includes Diet and lifestyle recommendations, specific internal medications and specific external therapies which enhances the basic metabolic rate, prevents the neo synthesis of fat , improves the sensitivity of insulin receptors in the muscles and adipocytes (fat storing cells), thus helping in breaking down of stored fat and enhancing the absorption of more glucose into the muscles and thus toning up the muscular system and mitigates the excessively accumulated functional and structural principles and bring them into the main channel of metabolism. The mitigated toxins (Imbalanced structural and functional principles) which are brought into the main channel of metabolism is then expelled from the body by means of specific Panchakarma treatments Thus the treatment cleanses the metabolic channels and make sure the nourishment of the system as a whole thus helping the restoration of health. Hence the concern of Obesity is addressed from the root.

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