Ayurveda Spine and Joint Care Treatment

One of the major specializations in Vydehi Ayurveda is Spine and Joint care. The effectiveness of Ayurvedic treatments in the management of health conditions related to spine and joints is globally accepted and find mention even in modern medicine text books. The conditions which are managed under this includes auto immune joint disorders like rheumatoiud arthritis, Ankylozing spondylitis, sero negative arthritis etc., Degenerative joint disorders, Repetitive stress injuries of joints (RSI) , Spondylitis and conditions of Disc prolapsed. We also have specialized treatment for post surgical managements of spine and joints.

Process of Treatment

The treatments for these conditions are customized in accordance with the specific condition as well as the individual body constitution. This includes a course of internal herbal medications, specific Panchakarma treatments, customized set of external therapies done prior to Panchakrama treatment intended to mitigate the imbalanced functional principles and to reduce the inflammation over the affected area and a set of external therapies done post to Panchkarama treatments intended to strengthen the metabolic channels (Srothas) and thereby modulating and balancing the immunity, strengthening the supportive tissues and enhancing the health of skeletal as well as neuro muscular system. Hence the treatment is wholesome in addressing the root cause of the disease and is highly effective in preventing the reccurance of diseases affecting the spine and joints.

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