Rejuvenation Therapy

These treatments are done both for people who are suffering from chronic ailments and also for healthy people. The aim of the treatment is to strengthen the metabolic fire, and rejuvenate the worn out tissues and hence helping the body from recouping from the malnourishment caused due to various disease conditions as well as due to stress and strains due to daily life.

Why Rejuvenation at Vydehi Ayurveda?

Rejuvenation treatments at Vydehi Ayurveda is customized and includes custom made panchakarma treatments for specific disease condition and post to that a set of internal herbal supplements as well as external therapies which are intended for preventing the relapse or slowing down the degenerative process in the system. The medicines which are provided in conditions of disease conditions are called Naimithika rasayanams which are very specific for each disease condition.

Also we do custom made treatment protocols which includes internal medications external therapies and specific Panchakarma treatment for healthy individuals for sustain the state of health. Post to Panchakarma treatments in these condition we provide specific internal herbal supplements which are called Kamya Rasyanams which are intended for improving and maintaining the health of the system as a whole.

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