Losing Hair? Eat These Best Hair Fall Control Food for Healthy Hair Naturally.

Hair loss is probably the most common problem faced by people worldwide today. The reason may be age, unbalanced diet, stress, anxiety, smoking and alcohol, hormonal imbalance, or in some rare cases, a disease. But most of the time, the reason is an unhealthy lifestyle that involves a lot of junk food, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, etc. And since these aspects have become natural for us with our hectic schedules, people often wonder about certain foods to stop hair loss naturally.

As we know, Ayurvedic herbs that boost immunity are widely available in markets around the world. So, purchasing and consuming them for better health has become easy. However, precisely mixing the appropriate herbs and spices is crucial in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines. A person with years of experience can prepare the best as well as an effective medication.

As soon as we are faced with hair fall, we turn toward beauty products like anti-hair fall shampoo, oil, hair cream, and many more. But little do we know that these products do us no good. Falling hair needs inner nutrition rather than beauty products. It is prudent to maintain a healthy diet to prevent hair loss in the first place.

To address the hair fall issue better, we must dive deeper into the subject matter and try to find 

What Are Our Hair Strands Made of?

Our hair is composed of protein. Keratin is a tough form of protein that helps in hair growth. But very surprisingly, the hair we have on our heads and every other part of the body contains dead cells only.

The follicle inside our scalp feeds the living cells inside, and as new cells push other cells out of the follicle, the old cells die. Therefore, it does not hurt us when we cut hair. It is also one of the reasons why longer hair has bushy ends. So, to sum it all up, to keep our hair (well, dead cells) healthy, we need protein, omega-3, biotin, vitamin C, and some other essential nutrients.

Read along as we discuss the foods to eat to prevent hair loss.

Some Food Materials to Reduce Hair Loss Naturally


It seems hard to believe, but this green vegetable is capable of preventing your hair loss. Spinach contains great amounts of vitamins A, C, and iron, all considered good for hair. For our hair to stay healthy, our scalp must remain healthy, which is ensured by vitamin A. It nourishes the scalp and keeps the moisture intact for the follicles to get the moisture and nutrients required for hair growth.

Fish Oil:

Fish oils are the primary source of omega-3 fatty acids today. These fatty acids are responsible for hair growth to a considerable extent. In addition, fish like herring and salmon are also great sources of animal protein and several B and D vitamins.The Internet says that the regular intake of omega-3 supplements can help with hair thinning and hair fall.


Seeds are the storehouse of omega-3, vitamin E, zinc, and other nutrients. Vitamin E is an excellent element for hair growth and healthy skin. Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame, and many others can provide the body with enough vitamins and minerals to maintain good hair growth and reduce hair fall.


There is barely any other source of protein better than meat. Jocks, gym-goers, and athletes depend upon meat extensively for protein and other vitamins like vitamin B12, zinc, and iron. It is one of the best foods to stop hair loss naturally.Meat helps rejuvenate the protein content of the body, and iron helps red blood cells with better oxygenation of every organ. Consequently, the hair follicle gets more nutrition and oxygen, and hair loss is reduced.


Without a doubt, nuts are some of the great food materials in the entire world. They taste delicious and are quite easy to carry, unlike some other high-maintenance foods. Nuts are packed with vitamins E, B, and zinc and fulfill about half of our vitamin E needs which is an important element of hair growth. Therefore, a diet of nuts can help reduce hair fall and help cure other health problems as well.


When it comes to protein, we immediately think about eggs. They are an incredible source of protein and biotin, both of which help reduce hair fall.Protein and biotin are two of the most necessary nutrients our hair needs to be healthy. Eggs provide 13 g protein per 100 g. Hence, it can fulfill our body’s need for protein with an easy-to-cook formula and rejuvenate the hair follicles to reduce hair loss.


Beans, also known as rajma in India, are among the best food items to reduce hair fall. They are fantastic sources of plant-based protein and folate. Vegetarian people who wish to build muscles opt for beans very often.They take care of our bodies’ protein needs and help hair growth by nourishing the follicles. Thus, they are a great and affordable option for people suffering from intensive hair loss.


A salad of carrots can make your eyes and hair healthy. This perfect vegetable with lots of vitamin A can reduce hair loss by moisturizing the scalp and keeping the follicles healthy.  It is easy to cook if you wish to and can be eaten raw if you wish to; either way, it will go a long way to keep your eyes and hair moisturized.

Refined Grains:

Refined grains that have been processed by a mill and converted into flour or other products are substantial sources of zinc, a crucial nutrient for hair growth.  Unlike whole grain, refined ones contain less phytate, which makes it easier for the zinc to be absorbed by our bodies. They can actually beautify those beautiful strands of yours.

Kiwi Fruit:

The kiwi fruit can fulfill our bodies’ need for vitamin C upto a considerable extent. Many other sour and sweet citrus fruits like kiwi can also work like a dream in reducing hair fall by enriching our vitamin C content and helping absorb other essential nutrients.


This common vegetable is not only rich in carbohydrates and fiber but other nutrients like vitamins B and C, protein, and calories as well. Most of these nutrients are essential for hair health. They can ensure a healthy scalp and help rejuvenate hair strands by providing moisture and nutrients to the follicles. So, a daily meal of potatoes is very beneficial for our body and hair.


Avocados are great sources of vitamin E, one of the essential nutrients for hair growth. They provide almost ⅓ of our daily vitamin E needs. Many hair oils also contain avocado oil. Hence, it is a perfect fruit of nature for hair fall rescue.


Papaya is a very healthy and colorful tropical fruit rich in vitamin C. A 100 g of it can provide 60 mg of vitamin C thus, ensuring healthy and perfect hair. They are widely eaten for their antioxidant properties as well, which is again an important aspect of hair as well as body health.


Some fruits are also great sources of plant-based protein, and bananas are one of them. They not only help with hair growth by providing 1.3 g of it per cup but also help in muscle building.  As a result, it tops the list of the most affordable sources of protein in our daily life. So, if you have not considered bananas yet, you must do it now.


They are not just great for skin but for hair as well. With a protein content of 1.4 g per 100 g and other nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, and carotene, apricots can take your hair health to another level. All the nutrients in apricots can help alleviate your hair and skin health.


Well, what do you think? Can you work it all out without the elixir of life? Why you cannot! Our hair, skin, and every organ need adequate hydration. Without proper hydration, they would not be able to absorb the vitamins and minerals extracted from the digested food. Water also helps drain out the toxins produced in our bodies which in turn are a cause of acne and hair fall. Therefore, water is an essential item to reduce hair fall and maintain a healthy immune system.

The Bottom Line:

Many other food materials help with hair loss. The ones mentioned above can help to an extent; they are helpful but not entirely reliable. The results may vary from person to person.  If you have some known underlying disease, these foods mentioned above may not help treat your hair fall, and it would help if you had a professional specialist. Also, make it a point to consult a doctor before starting a new diet, as some people may be allergic to some of the foods mentioned above. Get effective Ayurvedic treatment for all your hair related issues at Vydehi Ayurveda.

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